We conduct marketing research. With market data, we will be able to show you the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, give you an understanding of free niches and promising areas of development. You will not have to guess why your sales do not satisfy you, we will point out the problem areas of your business and suggest ways to eliminate all obstacles.
We did it

Marketing research for government

Customer interception strategy for Visit Chechnya

Marketing research for the govement of the Nizhny Novgorod region


to determine the portrait of the Diveevo tourist cluster and to give recommendations on ways of communication with this audience.

We did:

1) Extensive marketing research having interviewed more than 1,500 people

2) We developed a communication strategy, based on the research

3) Made recommendations on the use of advertising channels

4) Prepared recommendations regarding advertising materials: texts, slogans, images


A 45-page document was created, which describes in detail the portrait of a visitor to Diveevo, on the basis of which the following recommendations were developed:

1. Improvement of the tourism infrastructure of the cluster: creation of a network of tourist information centers, introduction of service standards in the MD, infrastructure for travelers with children and people with disabilities.

2. Improving the logistics and information availability of the cluster.

3. Development of a tourist product: analysis of the existing tourist infrastructure and development of a product that provides an opportunity to obtain a comprehensive cultural, educational and religious experience.

4. Analysis of geo-information services data for detailed segmentation and elaboration of the visitor's portrait, as well as the development of an infrastructure-territorial scheme of a tourist cluster.

5. Reputation management: working with feedback, clearing the region of stereotypes, quality control at the stage of developing a tourist product.

6. Development of a communication strategy: the formation of creative messages for audience segments, the architecture of communication channels at all stages: attracting visitors, visiting, forming impressions, reviews and recommendations.

7. Planning and implementation of an advertising campaign within the framework of a communication strategy.

8. Training and training of personnel involved in tourist services.
Visit Chechnya
Customer interception strategy


Attract tourists to the Chechen Republic

We did:

We conducted a marketing research, which showed that the potential audience visits adjacent tourist destinations. Mineral Water resorts are visited annually by more than 710 thousand people.

We have proposed to put tourist kiosks in tourist places of Mineralnye Vody resorts that will sell two or three-day excursions to Chechnya.


We managed to increase the tourist flow to Chechnya by redirecting the flow of tourists from Mineralnye Vody. We have increased the occupancy rate of tourist sites in Chechnya, such as Kezenoy Am and others